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Quote: ... One such witness, an Army Ranger involved with special ops stated to me "You have no idea how many people including prominent military and political figures we have abducted and terrified so that they will learn to hate the ET presence and support conflict with them"

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"Be aware that not all abductions are made against you."



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10. Extraterrestrial brain autopsy testimony !! . . Extraterrestrial Testimony !!
M. Sgt. Frank Kaufman's testimony...
... http://www.cseti.org/crashes/016.htm

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Those two Internet streaming UFO radio stations often talk about UFOs & ETs. With guests including Dr.Steven Greer, Stanton T.Friedman, Stephen Bassett, Command Sgt Major Bob O.Dean (ret), Dr.Richard Boylan, Linda Moulton Howe, and see our UFO forums for other excellent alien UFO news radio talk shows and free UFO videos here ... Forum1 ... Forum2 .

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Right Click "save target as" on News Flash 1 and News Flash 2 to keep the Windows Media Audio. News Flash 1 is from the Jerry Pippin Show. Jerry Interviews Robert Dean, retired USAF Command Sergeant Major with a Cosmic Top Secret Clearance and 40 years of UFO investigative experience. (He is also in our free UFO Videos Yahoo group #3)

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09. Cable Channel Suing NASA over UFO Documents.

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Alien UFO Paranormal Radio UFO video UFO Proof and Evidence. Quote: "Your people of planet Earth have yet to realize that intelligent life is teeming, virtually throughout the universe, in advanced civilizations and levels of development that would completely defy description. The countless billions of stars that appear in your astronomers' telescopes are only a fraction of the overall magnitude of infinite creation." ( link )

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"The evidence points to the fact that Roswell was a real incident and that indeed an alien craft did crash, and that material was recovered from the crash site." - Apollo Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, 1999.

"The spacecraft was retrieved and flown back to Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada." - Colonel Philip J. Corso - National Security Advisor.


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New >> The Aliens UFOs Free Videos research teams here now present... after more than 10 years of surfing the Internet... The Best Links Ever Found!!! here with the best UFO sites and ET topics and other awesome topics. Pass them on!! And if you have some of the "best links ever found" please share them in our Best Links Ever Found<<New UFO Proof and Evidence..

UFO Proof and Evidence. Other News: Specialist Sgt Clifford E. Stone said at the 2001 May 9th Washington DC National Press Club, Disclosure Project ... "when I got out of special operations in 1989, we had cataloged 57 different species (in total). Some of them look like you or myself, there were 3 types of the grays," etc, etc.

UFO Proof and Evidence. 1. "If, in fact, we are able to find life or to answer the question 'Are we alone?' then that certainly is grand enough and noble enough to be the enduring legacy of our civilization." - NASA, October 1999.

2. "But how will all the varieties of people on Earth react ? " - MarkedSecrets, 2003.

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NEW! Update: Most of the UFO related videos and UFO video links from our sites "Free UFO Video Research Forum 1 and Free UFO Video Research Forum 2" are UFO documentaries, UFO witness testimony, UFO lectures, or hours of excellent audio from radio talk shows including the Jeff Rense or Art Bell shows. Etc. If you would like to see video footage of UFOs.... check out these two sites.... http://www.ufofootage.com/ (now off-line for some reason) .......... and ... http://www.anomalies.net/~toms/ ... (also now off-line) ... those people keep a video camera handy and film aerial objects often. Have a good look around those two sites. Also, we just found this huge poster of UFOs...... 1.3mb in size... http://seekers.100megs6.com/UFOMan-Poster.htm

UFO's Update: Totally awesome free UFO related videos... Must See! http://www.disclosureproject.com
... The 2.5 hour Washington DC National Press Club free UFO related videos. And there will be another Press conference or better soon. We'll keep you up to date.
Go here for more Videos, Audio, and more in the Media Gallery... (NOTE: the online videos are sometimes offline there. However, they do have the audio of the 2.5 hour Washington DC National Press Club video) http://www.disclosureproject.org ...... NEW! Update: we've just found another website here with the full 2.5 hour Washington DC National Press Club Disclosure Project video http://www.ufovidmag.com/videos.html UFO Proof and Evidence. Thank you Jeff Karvanek!

2. A new Roswell UFO crash video documentary online here... (free video trailer)

3. Bay Area UFO Expo Videos! Special Feature: This site is excellent...... (scroll down the page) http://ufocommunity.com/expo/ (now off-line for some reason) ......... and owned by the same website is the main page here.... http://www.alienfx.com/ ..... (now off-line for some reason) Thanks very much to Jason Martell and everyone for those websites. NOTE: they are looking for donations and/or investors. Please support their efforts.

7. Special Feature: UFO related videos about Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker's close encounter, and abduction at Pascagoula, Mississippi. We never thought we would ever see anymore updates about this after seeing so much in the past. Thanks again to WJTV.
Charles-Hickson-and-Calvin-Parker.html (off-line for updates)

8. UFO Proof and Evidence. Your best source for rare and unusual UFO videotapes... If you would like to buy VHS NTSC PAL videos... John Stewart has been buying, selling, trading, and collecting UFO videos for over 20 years. And when researchers, talk show hosts, or government agencies want to take a second look at a sighting or a presentation, John Stewart is one of their first calls... http://www.ufovideocoordinator.com

9. UFO Proof and Evidence. "100%.... 1000%... it is the truth".... (some images may not load, but the free online videos still work ok) Good UFO related videos on this page with... M. Sgt. Frank Kaufman.

10. Update: SkyNet UFO Video. http://www.ufovideo.com/ (now off-line for some reason)
A nice tidy UFO video site that used to have TV News Media UFO Videos here .... http://www.ufovideo.com/newsarch.htm

11. NEW!... You can help just by joining one of the free UFO clubs Y!members to show you care. Sgt Clifford E. Stone states that many or most intelligent ETs respect all living things. The variety of about 57+ species of ETs catalogued don't seem to be wild crazy murderers as portrayed by most TV media. All this information is coming out now in Documentaries, Internet, TV, Videos, etc. And as Sam Neill said in a recent episode of 'Space The BBC TV series documentary. (2002) VHS or DVD. ... Sam Neill said on that documentary... "remember, our future is OUT THERE".
And most of us members believe that all of this, might help DOWN HERE too, on Earth.
Please join our UFO clubs free. [ Top of this page]

12. UFO Proof and Evidence. UFO CASEBOOK with hundreds of images and online REAL videos, UFO Case Files, UFO Pictures, UFO and Space related Video, UFO Art & Graphics, UFO Audio Page, UFO Books & Video, UFO Classifications, UFO Landings, UFO Quotes, Area 51, Alien Pictures, Alien Autopsy, Alien Types, Astronauts & UFOs, Project Bluebook, Disclosure Project, Alien/UFO Downloads, The Moon & UFOs, Mars & Aliens, The Phobos II, The Majestic 12, Crop Circles, Roswell in Pictures, UFO Documents, How to Report a UFO, Space Science News.

14. NASA must know some UFO secrets. (free UFO videos here)... http://www.ufomag.co.uk (now off-line for some reason)

15. Some of the best information about UFOs: U.F.O.s Are Real, Extraterrestrial Encounters Documented by the U. S. Government. Sergeant Clifford E. Stone. He speaks on Rense.com about some of the big picture. In the following URL search for 'Clifford' then listen to the audio archives... http://events.yahoo.com/shows/endoftheline/ <<< OFF-LINE yahoo removed all the archives. See Rense.com for details. Update!! See this site for UFO radio and radio archives about UFOs and extraterrestrials.

16. NEW! ..... Travis Walton's experience is unequivocally one of the best documented cases of alien abduction ever recorded. Travis Walton, Michael H. Rogers, and several other witnesses passed multiple lie detector tests at the time and recently. You'll find excellent pictures of the UFO and aliens from the view of Travis Walton and Mike Rogers..... http://www.traviswalton.com .... NOTE: the movie called 'Fire In the Sky' was a rather false representation of the actual facts, even though 'Fire In the Sky' was supposedly based on the Travis Walton experience. Update: You can see an excellent interview with Travis Walton and Mike Rogers on the video "UFO's Are Real" (Brandon Chase) Produced in 1979 and again in 1992. That UFO video documentary has a lot of excellent evidence. It has a compelling title i.e. "UFO's Are Real" (True Story) And it has some of the best data you could ever see within the past 25 years. (We hired it again from a video rental shop recently) NOTE: You can buy that video here.

17. UFOs and Aliens: More Insider Evidence. ... (1) UFOs_Aliens_Insider_Evidence_1.html (2) UFOs_Aliens_Insider_Evidence_2.html

18. Look! .... Disney company documentary about UFOs, Aliens, and Space: Plus More!... Very good reading here in these two files...
(1)UFO Proof and Evidence. Disney_UFO_ET_Space_documentary.html
(2) UFO_and_ET_evidence.html

19. Excellent Books about UFOs and Aliens. NOTE: We will not link to book shops to make money. Our website is 100% commercial free. (apart from some free hosting ads at some sites) Anyway, some of us have read nearly every book on the subject of UFOs and Extraterrestrial intelligence. The books that we recommend are by the author Timothy Good. These can be bought at any major book store online, or reserved and borrowed from any large public library. Timothy Good's books 'Alien Base' and 'Beyond Top Secret' are especially highly recommended reading. Timothy Good's books and photos of book covers can be searched for and found here. Also, it is a good idea to study as much as possible about astronomy as well as UFOs and/or extraterrestrials. A new book out now called "SPACE: our final frontier" by John Gribbin, is highly recommended reading, and produced in association with the recent BBC series called SPACE. See the book cover here. (That BBC TV series 'SPACE' is on DVD too. And the part about "are we alone?" is really excellent) NEW! Update: Highly Recommended UFO Books and UFO Videos. (click here) ...
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20. UFO Proof and Evidence. A nice site from a New Zealand friend with updated UFO news...
Main Site here... http://www.KarenLyster.com and three other New Zealand UFO sites ... UFOs New Zealand ...
UFOs New Zealand UFO Research .:. New Zealand UFO Sightings ... with a mirror UFOs New Zealand site ... UFOs New Zealand UFO Research .:. New Zealand UFO Sightings.

21. Is this information for real?.... It sounds really good. We think that even if it all was just a story, they still have really done their homework. Have a read for yourself here... http://wingmakers.com/interview/indexi.html

22. Updated: A list of our 'all time favourite' movies, documentaries, and videos. With a special feature about the excellent 1998 movie 'The Thin Red Line' and several video documentaries about space projects and astronomy. With VHS and DVD movies and documentaries and videos about UFOs, extraterrestrials, and space. (click here)

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SCREEN SAVER: NEW!... Jimbo just made a free UFO's and Space fun Screen-Saver suitable for everyone. It has a beautiful photo of Earth and Space... plus lots of fun talk between UFO debunkers and UFO researchers.

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UFO Proof and Evidence. Astronauts say the truth about UFOs is out there. UFO quotes by Astronauts & Cosmonauts. UFO Quotes

1947 Roswell UFO crash .................. (witnesses) (facts) << Links just went off-line. We have a copy and will upload to another site soon. (For now go here http://www.iufomrc.com ) ........... [Top of this page]


Other people that have helped bring out the facts about UFOs... Com. Sgt. Maj. Robert O' Dean, Mercury Astronaut Gordon Cooper, Lt. Col. Wendelle Stevens, Jorge Martin, Maj. US Army. Capt. Virgil Armstrong, Calvin Parker and Charles Hickson, Apollo 14 Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Stanton T. Friedman, Bob Lazar, Travis Walton and Mike Rogers, John Callahan, former Division Chief of the Accidents and Investigations Branch, FAA; Master Sergeant Dan Morris, former US Air Force and NRO operative with cosmic top secret clearance; Dr. Carol Rosin, space missile defense consultant and former spokesperson for Wernher Von Braun; Graham Bethune, retired Navy commander pilot with a top-secret clearance; Michael Smith, former Air Traffic Controller, US Air Force; Sergeant Clifford Stone, Dr Steven Greer, United States Army; Lt. Col. Robert Salas, former SAC Launch Controller, US Air Force and FAA, and Major George A. Filer III, former Air Force Intelligence Officer and flier. Thank you all very much indeed! Good words related to UFOs...... No need to read from here.... UFO video. Streaming realvideo video pictures ASX videos movies extraterrestrial real format mpg avi gallery video galleries clubs SETI ETs and echelon UFO video evidence online pine gap latest ufo coverup news beyond top secret astronomy updates. REAL video gallery CSETI & Paradigm Research Group video galleries SETI ETs USAPs and echelon NSA NSC CIA NASA FBI JPL ONI NRO Area51 Air Force Northrup Boeing ETC crash Greys ET species Corteum USAF NSA ACIO IPU ONVIS OVNIS project bluebook cover-up pine gap, latest streaming REALvideo ufo news updates UFO chat Alien chat UFO's Alien's. OZ encounters UFOs in Australia disclosureproject.org UFO camcorder footage of UFOs UFO's Aliens UFOs Free Videos - Free UFO Videos - UFO Video - Video UFOs REAL format video update Ufo news truth area51 S4 groom lake Roswell extraterrestrials facts. The Milky Way Galaxy contains lots of intelligent life apart from us on planet Earth. CSETI UFO disclosure event aliens free alien. NASA shuttle Apollo astronauts updated recent sightings top secret UFO Research R&D technologies DIA flying saucer eyes only videos links free updates, new ufo alien NORAD extraterrestrial vehicle evidence and facts UFO sites alien UFO chat windows media asx streaming cosmic top secret crypto security clearance live video Corona UFOs. UFO researchers clubs groups online free. Love.
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P.S. you won't hear much on TV about this until TV1, TV2, TV3, TV4, TV5, TV6, FOX NEWS, CNN, BBC, ABCNEWS, NBC, 60MINUTES, etc... decide what to do, and when. They don't want people to worry or panic, and that is fine. But you can be one step ahead and enjoy the free videos above.
And for all the good religious people around the World..... the many UFO videos above don't discredit God or the faith. God, good people, and good Extraterrestrials bless you. It is the year 2013, and the future will get better from now. Because we all will have better education, better schools, better universities, and truth.

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